Tepoztlán – Mexican sauna (Temazcal) and visiting the pyramid

We did a small trip to Tepoztlán on the weekend. It was only from saturday morning till sunday evening. The drive from Puebla to Tepoztlán takes about four hours. We had a very small hotel with really nice rooms and an own temazcal. For the first evening we’ve booked the temazcal, but the ceremony just starts at nine in the evening.

So what to do now? We went to the market of Tepoztlán and went shopping some souvenirs. A fresh fruit cocktail and a small snack before we leave again for our hotel. We chilled in the hotel, had a small dinner and waited for the ceremony of the temazcal. The temazcal was originally a healing ceremony after a battle or the famous mayan ball game. It was also good for improving health or for example to higher the chance for woman to become a mother. Currently, as the society even in Mexico becomes more and more industrialized and faster the temazcal has a renaissance.

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The ceremony itself is very spiritual and is for us Europeans like a combination of yoga, sauna and a spiritual ceremony. It was a really awesome and new experience for us. We can definately recommend the ceremony of the temazcal to all others, when you are in Mexico. The ceremony is typically guided by a chaman and we think you do not have the same in Europe. Nearly dead after the exhausting ceremony we fell in our bed and wanted to sleep soon, as we wanted to climb to the Tepozteco pyramid near of Tepoztlán.

Climbing to the pyramid El Tepozteco near of Tepoztlán

The climbing of the mountain Sierra de Tepoztlán was with a fast climb not more than 45 minutes, but the view from the top is worth it.

After we enjoyed the view, took some photos and looked at the El Tepozteco pyramid, we stepped down the mountain an enjoyed the rest of our time at the hotel pool. Shortly after the evening we drove back to Puebla.

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