Puebla, Mexico – Climbing the malinche mountain

Early in the morning we got up and drove with the car to the nature park of the malinche. If you want to climb the mountain you can drive up with the car to the height about 3000 metres. From this height you have to walk up the rest of the long track. It is really a long way up and not so easy, as we thought before.

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The climb of the malinche starts…

We started to walk up with a positive energy and full of motivation. Others told us, that it tooks around five hours to climb the mountain. We said: Oh no problem, we can do it faster. As we met a man, who ran down the mountain after one hour he said, that we will not make it faster than five hours and that we have to hurry up.

We thought he cannot be serious and remained walking up. Already before the wood ended some parts of the way were quite steep. When the trees became less we flew with the drone to make some awesome footage. It was not easy to fly the drone, because of the harsh winds.

Reaching the top of the mountain

To reach the top of the mountain you have to pass the treeline, go through the grass field and finally do the rocky part of the way. On top of the mountain you register that the air is already very thin and it is not easy to regenerate from the exhausting climb.

If you are not a bit sporty and have a few more kilos to much… We think it is better to skip the climbing of the malinche mountain. The old volcano has a fascinating view, when you reached the top of the mountain, besides the old crater. For us, as untrained climbers, the mountain was a challenge. The feeling, when you reached the top was amazing.

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