Cholula, Mexico – The great pyramid of cholula

Our trip to Cholula was really nice. We had breakfast in the morning in the La Tertulia. We can definitely recommend to go in this restaurant for having a special Mexican breakfast. The personnel was pleasant even if our Spanish is not the best (OK – Christin’s spanish is really bien for the short time she is learning it).

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The great pyramid of Cholula

After we had our breakfast for being fit for the day we went on foot to the Tlachihualtepetl, which is the name for the great pyramid of cholula. The price for entering was around 5 US$ per person and it included to go in the pyramid, a museum and the parts which are partially excavated. We were not alone but not really many other people were there. Normally you can visit the top of the pyramid, too, but because of the earthquakes in Mexico some months ago they are not already free for entry. Nevertheless it was worth the money. The great pyramid of Cholula is the widest pyramid in the world. From far away you would not even think it is a pyramid, but a hill in the city of Cholula.

We needed some reareation after the pyramid and sat down in a bar near the pyramid and drank a beer and watched the street. In Mexico you can see many old cars, specially the german ones like the beetle or the Bulli.

The market of Cholula

After our visit at the pyramid we went to the market of Cholula. The market was crowded, but there were many fresh fruits, meals or other things to buy. The market is not the typical tourist market. It is the real market, where Mexicans buy their stuff and is because of that a lot cheaper at buying in a supermarket. You have to know that most sellers on the market only speak spanish, and only sometimes a little bit of english. But to buy on a market – you can show what you want and they will communicate with you with hands if necessary.

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