Yucatan, Mexico – Chill out and explore the Mayan culture

In the end of the year we wanted to chill out a few days and finally enjoy the time after a year with much work for both of us. We started our trip in Cozumel, where we enjoyed a very good hotel, which upgraded us for free into a hotel, which was only for adults. The five nights on Christmas were really chilled out. Even our room service was included in the fare (only because the upgraded us in the better resort). After Christmas we wanted to see the real Yucatan for a few days.

Tulum the backpacker city

As we talked with a taxi driver he said, that Tulum is a very new city. A few years ago it was a very small village with nearly no tourists. At our stay (we stayed at an Eco-Conatainer-Hostel) the city was full of people. Many backpackers and many party people. The car rental companies all nearly had no cars. Finally we got a small Nissan Micra for more than 200 USD for two days. Luckily we met two other Germans, wo shared the car with us the first day.

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Our target were the ruins of Coba, which were really ancient. There we already saw a little bit from the ancient Mayan culture.┬á After the visit of the Coba pyramides we drove to the city of Valladolid. In Valladolid there is one Cenote, which is in the center of the City. You have the possibility to jump into the water from nearly 10 metres height. Christin and me did jump… ­čÖé Other Cenotes we visited were not so nice as the one in Valladolid.

Explore the Mayan culture in the ruins of Tulum

As Mexico had become such a famous tourist spot, and especially Yucatan, it was full of tourists. The tourist attractions are concentrated on American tourists. Perfect, that everything is written in English as my Spanish is not as good as the one from Christin. The ruins in Tulum are directly at the beach and you have to walk directly through the stores with food and souvenirs. The ruins are in a good condition and clean. At least a bit of the money is used the right way. You can swim in the water at the ruins, but we didn’t checked it out, because the waves were too high.

New Year’s Eve party in Cancun

Finally we went to Cancun for the New Year’s Eve party. On day before we visited the Backstreet Boys concert and the New Year’s Eve party we were in the Coco Bongo club. The party in the Coco Bongo Club was epic. Drinks included and an awesome show made us a perfect start into the new year. Cancun is ideal, when you want to make party but it is flooded by American tourists. And that is why there are stores and American fast food restaurants everywhere. You feel like you are in the States but not in Mexico…

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